Old Wives And Lovers

You wonder what and where it goes
Often the lesson is nowhere to show
Until after the time when it all is done
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Rabbit Holes

Research, research. Read, read, read. Pin, pin, pin.


I love Pinterest. I go looking for ideas or information for my blog, on writing, or how-to’s. And before I know it, I’m completely lost and immersed. From pinning, to reading, liking, and over and over again it goes. I see a pretty picture. I pin it. And then I think, well, I’ll use that for something! Maybe I’ll go look for some more. Or I find some bit of information, analice in wonderlandd think, well I need to read that. And off I go. Falling down into the inevitable Rabbit Hole
 I understand now why they say to set yourself a schedule. A routine. Some sort of plan of action. A calender, a list of things to get done. And set a time frame for doing these things. And stick to it. Do I blog twice a week, three times a week, every day? How do I promote myself? Which platform works best? Questions, questions. Read More »

Not Running Anymore

A year ago I started this blog and was gung-ho about it.  Then something happened and life got in the way7d98d3bc-66b8-430d-8043-4ceac8bd289e_96314.  I tend to roll like this through anything I do.  I’ll get all hyped up and excited about something.  And then boom!  I run out of steam.  This time tho  it will be different.  I hope.  

It will, because this time I’ve researched and read, and read.  And yes, read some more.  I want to make sure it’s perfect.  Or said the right way.  Or done the right way.  


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