Rabbit Holes

Research, research. Read, read, read. Pin, pin, pin.


I love Pinterest. I go looking for ideas or information for my blog, on writing, or how-to’s. And before I know it, I’m completely lost and immersed. From pinning, to reading, liking, and over and over again it goes. I see a pretty picture. I pin it. And then I think, well, I’ll use that for something! Maybe I’ll go look for some more. Or I find some bit of information, analice in wonderlandd think, well I need to read that. And off I go. Falling down into the inevitable Rabbit Hole
 I understand now why they say to set yourself a schedule. A routine. Some sort of plan of action. A calender, a list of things to get done. And set a time frame for doing these things. And stick to it. Do I blog twice a week, three times a week, every day? How do I promote myself? Which platform works best? Questions, questions. Read More »

Not Running Anymore

A year ago I started this blog and was gung-ho about it.  Then something happened and life got in the way7d98d3bc-66b8-430d-8043-4ceac8bd289e_96314.  I tend to roll like this through anything I do.  I’ll get all hyped up and excited about something.  And then boom!  I run out of steam.  This time tho  it will be different.  I hope.  

It will, because this time I’ve researched and read, and read.  And yes, read some more.  I want to make sure it’s perfect.  Or said the right way.  Or done the right way.  


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Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here

Who I am is a mother of two. A boy and a girl. Born in that order. They are both in their thirties. My son has a daughter, but lost his son at the age of 3. My daughter has a son and a daughter. In that order also. She’s SO much like me the older she gets.. So I have three grand-children. Which also makes me a grand-mother. I like that; “Grand”

I was also a wife for almost 27 years. A ‘stay-at-home-mom’, with little jobs here and there outside the home. I’ve been married twice. The first, we were married outside. The second, in jail. (to be cont… )
I actually tried my hand at writing, and submitted a little short story I’d written, “Football Widow”. But it never came to anything. Life got in the way, or I just give up, and never finished the re-write. I have journaled most of my life.

Which brings me to what I am doing here. I want to be published. Or I’d like to be published. I feel I have stories in me that need to be told. And I’m just at ‘that age’. *big smile*
Heck, I might find out I ain’t worth a diddly squat at being a writer. But at least I can tell my self, at least I tried.
A few years ago, I was on an online Poetry site, and posted a lot of poems there. I just recently got back on that site. And that deep desire, or need to see my words in ‘print’….. again, has brought me to here. Today.

I hope to write to inspire, give hope, make you laugh, make you cry. I want to write with real emotions, and feel again.

So thank you all who have already stopped by and given me a like or two. It means a lot. I try and read as much as I can of all who have stopped by, and more! But until I have published that Great American Novel…. I still have that day job. And life is always on my shoulder…

A Witches Brew

I am trying something new. Writing to music. Different types of what I listen to may change the thoughts that come out on paper. I wonder at times just what exactly am I doing here. And my wandering mind goes to places of my thoughts and childhood and motherhood, and the list goes on. Like […]